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As soon as you have signed up and registered your children, each child will receive a unique activity based learning program aimed at their capabiltiies. As your child grows, so the activities offered in their program change. Read about more of the features that we offer at ToucanLearn...

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Links to Early Years Foundation Stage

Learning Program Links to Early Years Foundation Stage

Every one of ToucanLearn's activities are graded according to the the Early Year Foundation Stages (EYFS). So, for each activity one or more of the following Areas of Learning and Development are stated to illustrate the focus of the activity.

Prime Areas

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Specific Areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Premium Members can search for specific activities within each area so its an invaluable asset for childminders. It makes planning so much easier, and parents can easily track the activities from home!

Daily Diary entries can also be flagged with the Characteristics of Effective Learning so that later you can pull up relevant entries when compiling reports, reviews or planning.

Please note that EYFS information is available only to PREMIUM Members, but why not upgrade for only £22.00 a year?!

Learn with your children

Share with Parents, Carers, Grandparents and Teachers

ToucanLearn is suitable for parents, carers, grandparents and teachers alike. What's more, you can share access to your children's Activities and Daily Diary so that everyone can contribute to the Daily Diary and be informed of each child's progress. Simply register each child, then manage sharing from your account page, it's really easy! Now parents can follow Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) on a daily basis without you having to do anything more!

Private Daily Diary to record activity

Daily Diary for Every Child

Each child has a Daily Diary where you can create a record of their early life and log observations, you can log each entry against the aims of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). You can also log Characteristics of Effective Learning against Diary entries so that you can retrieve them later in order to help illustrate reports or reviews and to assist with your planning.

Every time your child achieves a milestone, like crawling, speaking or writing a word, when the first tooth appears, record it in the Daily Diary. Every time you complete an activity, whether it be a ToucanLearn one or one of your own, write about it in your child's Daily Diary. If you just want to record what you did with the children today...that's right, record an entry in your Daily Diary!

You can send images and text entries directly from your mobile phone to your Daily Diary. Read here to find out more...

You'll quickly build a precious record of all your memories in one place! And, with PREMIUM membership, you can upload hundreds of photos too!

Activities, Craft and Games

Traditional Activities, Crafts and Games

In a world full of mechanical toys and electronic games, ToucanLearn goes back to basics! Introducing games, ideas and activities that can be incorporated into every day life using things you find around the house! There are games to play while changing nappies, songs to sing to promote learning, ideas for what to do in a restaurant or on a journey. Get muddy outside looking for worms! Use kitchen spoons to learn about sorting and groups. Paint with grass or string or a cotton wool! It's so much fun!

Every activity in ToucanLearn is logged against the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) so that you can see what areas your children are learning against.

Play is important to a child's development and learning. If they think they are playing, when they are really learning, then all the better!

Personalised activity sheets and learning $program

Personalised Activity Sheets Tailored for your Child

As soon as you have registered your child's name, you have access to loads of activities all specifically aimed at the capabilities of your children. Every activity has its own activity sheet with a list of equipment needed (if any) and simple steps to tell you what to do.

Upload a profile picture for each child and each Activity Sheet will include that picture. You can also create custom certificates and sticker charts for them! They'll just love that!

Don't forget what we said earlier - each activity presented through ToucanLearn is also customised to the capabilities of your child. You don't need to trawl through dozens of ideas that aren't suitable, every activity will be aimed at the age and capabilities of your child!

Got a genius in the family? Easy - just feed back through your Daily Diary that the activities are too easy and we'll present more difficult ones!

Unique custom learning $program

Your Feedback Creates a Custom Development Path

ToucanLearn offers hundreds of activities tailored to your child's ability. All children develop at different speeds, so ToucanLearn will suggest appropriate games and ideas to encourage and challenge.

Let us know how your child copes with the activity by clicking Activity Feedback when you log in: was it too hard, too easy or just right? Your Feedback is also recorded as an entry in your Daily Diary to remind you how much fun you had!

We'll offer you more appropriate activities next time based on your feedback!

It's easy!

Key skills: making, moving, thinking, speaking

Encourage Key Developmental Skills

At the heart of ToucanLearn is the idea that play is fun and that the best way to learn is through play!

In addition to being categorised against the EYFS, all activities focus on one of four key development skills:

  • Moving activities - encourage physical development
  • Speaking activities - promote social, emotional and language skills
  • Making activities - develop fine motor skills and co-ordination
  • Learning activities - teach how to do things, how to learn and think and get them thinking for themselves