Create Daily Diary Entries from your Mobile Phone

Premium Members can create Daily Diary entries in ToucanLearn directly from their mobile phone. Keeping a photo log of your day cannot be more simple or less time consuming!

Here are the simple steps:-

  1. Take a picture on your mobile phone
  2. Email the picture to
  3. Add a subject line and message and these become the diary entry

That's all there is to it, but there are a couple of rules for this to work easily:-

  • You MUST mention the child whose diary the entry should appear in inside the subject line or body message so that it is filed in the right diary
  • The email account you send messages from must be the one that is registered as your ToucanLearn email address
  • If you mention the names of more than one child in the entry, the entry will appear in each of their diaries
  • This functionality is not restricted to publishing photos to your Daily Diaries, you can also submit text entries, just send an email with no photo!
  • Sorry, but only Premium Members can upload photos to their Daily Diaries!

If you experience any problems with this feature, just let us know and we will do everything we can to support your phone. Some mobile phones use slightly strange formats for sending email messages and photos but we should be able to work with you to support your phone if you have any trouble!

Don't forget that everyone can share Daily Diaries with specific people; perfect for allowing childminders to keep parents updated throughout the day, or for parents to keep family up to date with how their babies and toddlers are developing!