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In response to: Electric Sockets and Child Safety

colin clarke [Visitor]

Very informative post indeed! Child safety should be a major concern for all. Number of accidents due to faulty electrical fittings are increasing these days.
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In response to: How to Make Ice Lollies

Jenny [Visitor]
I make pineapple juice lollies on a regular basis and it freezes without a problem in my standard freezer (maybe the author is getting confused with pineapple stopping jelly setting). They even freeze with rum in (for grown up lollies)
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In response to: How to Cope with Moody Children

Sanchari Dutta [Visitor]
well, my experience says that our babies are pretty much dependent on us and if they find any flaw while we are taking care of them, that is when they lose their temper. We being mothers cannot avoid their anger but can cope up with it. I came across this blog on which explains about how one should deal with their angry baby. I found it pretty helpful.
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In response to: Why do Children Love Balloons?

atinaa [Visitor]
thanksss soo much your help my assignment soo much :D (childcare - activity with balloons)
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In response to: How to Make Ice Lollies

Madeleine [Visitor]
can you use fizzy drinks like Pepsi?
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In response to: Home Video

Dawn Purton [Visitor]
I often take videos of my children as they play and also achieving certain milestones. It would be great if there was a way to upload these videos into the daily diary. I don't know how complicated this would make the process of downloading the entire diary upon graduating to school, but my kids toucan learn diaries already hold so many treasured images, I think in addition to that this would be a great feature.
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In response to: Vegetable Chart

holls [Visitor]
really random....... but great!
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In response to: Playing in the Meadows

Mariya Johnson [Visitor]
Heya, nice tricks for the little ones. I'll try some on my little cousin and I am sure he'll love it.
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In response to: How to Make Ice Lollies

Lozza [Visitor]
thanks i cant wait 2 use these
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In response to: Planning Activities for the EYFS

Teresa [Visitor]
Thank you so much for this, it has given me some ideas to do with the children I am minding at the moment, it's all been a bit of a shock going back to childminding after being in a setting and up until now I haven't had EY children, I now have a 1yr old and a 2 yr old, so this will help in my planning for the pair of them.

Thank you again.
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In response to: Aelita Andre - Child Art Prodigy

Tikal [Member]
If you're in New York, the Agora Galery is displaying a solo exhibition until July 3rd, 2012:-

Aelita Andre: Secret Universe / a solo exhibition
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In response to: Threat to the Regulation of Childminders

Penny Webb [Visitor]
Thank you for highlighting this issue and the petition.

As one of a group of childminders who started the 'ball rolling' for the petition, I can stress how important it is for everyone to read up on the all the possible changes being discussed and if feel as strongly as I do to sign the petition.

Thank you again for making your members aware of the issues.
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In response to: Threat to the Regulation of Childminders

Ian Rathbone [Visitor]
Thank you for this post. Hackney Childminders are posting news and information on
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In response to: How to Make Ice Lollies

Tikal [Member]
Yes, you can freeze creme fraiche although it may separate a little in the process, mix it with other ingredients and you'll probably be fine. If you look on the packaging, it will probably state that it is 'Suitable for home freezing'.
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In response to: How to Make Ice Lollies

Bud [Visitor]
Instead of fromage fraise could I use up creme fraishe and freeze that in lollies or ice cream?
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In response to: How to Make Ice Lollies

hama [Visitor]
this is very good u should make it
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In response to: Stages of Play

sumera [Visitor]
thnks helped me alot
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In response to: What Future for EYFS After the Election?

Nay [Visitor]
WE ARE CHILDMINDERS, NOT TEACHERS.... if i wanted to do tons and tons of writing i wouldnt of opted to become a childminder, i would have become a bloody teacher, this is so offputting, i pray sooooo much that they scrap the whole EYFS BULLSHIT for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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In response to: How to Make Ice Lollies

heena [Visitor]
thanks i cant wait to make them
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In response to: The Danger Of Ponds!

Anonomas [Visitor]
If you still wanted a pond or pool you could simply put netting over it so if they were going to fall in the SUCURE net would hold them!
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