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What Do Your Child's Drawings Mean?

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Children can use drawing as a way of expressing feelings or emotions that they don't understand - drawing can reflect how they are feeling, or fears they might have  However, don't worry that your child only draws in black or never puts hands on the people she draws because it doesn't necessarily mean they are unbalanced or unhappy.  However, it is interesting to see how different children interpret things in different ways: both the instructions and the application of drawing can be very different between children of the same age who have been given the same instructions.

Here are a few pointers which may, or may not, reflect different traits in our children.

  • If a picture is in the middle of the page, the child is happy, content or it could mean they are egotistical.
  • If the picture is in the top half, they are ambitious.
  • If the picture is in the bottom half, they child may be insecure.
  • If the picture is towards the top left, they are musical or artistic.
  • If its in the top right, they are eager.
  • If features are missed out in a person, this may indicate mistrust.
  • Children tend to draw what they love most: sibling, toys, fantasy world ie. fairies etc.
  • Using a ruler frequently in a picture could mean anxiety.
  • Lots of dark colours or black could mean sadness, anger or anxiety.
  • If they coulour in with bright colours, they are warm and happy children.
  • Pictures drawn very small could mean they are shy.
  • If the hands are too big, this could indicate aggression.
  • If there are no hands or small hands, this could mean they have an inferiority feeling.

However, don't worry too much and get too stuck on interpretation!  If your child draws lots of circles it could be that's what they like to draw.  If they draw people with their hands up that's not helplessness, it could be a cheer. If they keep drawing bees, it's not a hidden anxiety about insects, it could be just that they are fun, nice things to draw.  If they draw lots of flowers, it doesn't mean they are optimistic, it could just be something their Mummy has shown them!

So, looking at and trying to interpret children's drawings is just an interesting exercise to see how your child draws differently to others... so don't read too much into it.  And, after all, incoherent pictures don't mean confused or bewildered children, it could be that your child is just not good or practiced at drawing!


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