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What Books To Choose?

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Research has shown that habits made in early years will stay with a child for life; learning is part of that so when the children are young it is a great time to set up some habits that will be good for their learning later in life.  All children benefit from reading books.  If you get into the habit of reading every day at a certain time of day it becomes part of your schedule and is easy to remember.  With a huge selection of books on offer, which are best to choose for your child at different stages of their early years?

Books for Babies and Toddlers Under 2

Children are never too young to enjoy books.  They may not speak, or follow a narrative, or be able to turn a page, but sitting with someone, having a cuddle, reading a colourful book becomes a lovely, comfortable, happy experience and that is what they recall.  They enjoy the attention and the sound of a parent or carer's voice.  They like the feel of the books, the sound of the pages and the colourful pictures. They like the rhymes and the funny voices.

Once they can hold things in their hands, touchy-feely books are great for little ones.  Cloth books are soft (washable!) and gentle to touch.  Activity books have strings, buttons, and fabric to touch.  Flap books have pages that fold out and pictures behind secret little doors.  Board books are great to hold and have even been know to be good for chewing too! There is so much fun to be had!

Books for 2-3 Year Olds

Toddlers love the colours and pictures in books.  They enjoy rhyme and the repetition of some story lines.  They will join in and anticipate what will happen next.  Books that explain or deal with every day occurrences are good for this age (going to nursery, going to ballet lessons, having a new baby etc).  They may even create their own stories.

They will often look at the same book day after day.  The know what happens next and love the idea of anticipating the next page.   Pop-up or flap books are great for this age as they can do it themselves.  And, sturdy board books are advised as they may get handled frequently and roughly!

Pre-School Books for Children Age 4-5

At this age, children love to learn about the world and books that explain this are always popular with pre-schoolers: bugs and animals, schools and hospitals, the Egyptians etc. so they needn't just have fictional stories, non-fiction is of interest too.  Try all sorts of books and discuss each one.  What are the pictures like? What is the text like? Can they find certain letters in the text or count certain elements of the pictures? Try and bring the books alive and be led by your child.  If they ask about dinosaurs, get hold of a book about them and show them.  Visit your local library for access to books on hundreds of interesting topics.

Enjoy the time you have reading with your child and make it as fun as you can.


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