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10 Top Tips for a Hot Day

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The sun has arrived at last, but hurry, it may not last long! On a hot day, with beating sunshine, it's so important to keep the children covered up and protected from the sun.  Here are 10 important things to remember on a scorching day:-

  1. Cover up with sun cream before going into the sun
  2. Remember waterproof nappies for little ones looking forward to a dip in the sea or a paddling pool
  3. Reapply suncream throughout the day, especially after emerging from water
  4. Wear a sun hat; sun glasses are more cosmetic but they're cute too
  5. Wear UV SPF protective clothing, wear clothes in water if you're really exposed to the sun
  6. Drink lots and keep hydrated - water is best
  7. Keep in the shade whenever possible
  8. Beware of biting or stinging insects, if insects are a pest where you are, use a natural repellant
  9. To help with hydration, eat lots of fruit, especially high water content tropical fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, melon and mango
  10. Eat lots of ice-cream!


Safety in Paddling Pools

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Paddling pools are incredibly reasonable at the moment and for a small amount of money you can pick up an inflatable pool that is great fun!  Here are a few important tips to keep the children safe in and around the pool.

  • Never leave a baby toddler or child in a paddling pool even for the shortest time. It takes a moment for them to slip under the water which can be fatal. Children can drown in the smallest depth of water.
  • If you need to leave them to get something, or to answer the front door or the phone, take them out of the pool while you are away. Make it clear they are not allowed to get into the pool without you there.  Take small children who may not understand or be able to follow instructions with you, keep them out of the garden while you are absent.
  • Check the temperature of the water to make sure it is not too cold (if you've just filled it) or too warm if it's the end of a hot day. With enough sun, the water can get very warm.
  • The grass may get wet and slippery around a paddling pool so be aware of the potential for accidents when the children climb out.
  • Suncream is essential in the summer so keep the children covered up even when playing in the paddling pool. Keep them in loose clothes (T-shirt and light trousers or leggings) if there is a lot of sun.
  • Make sure the children are aware that inside the pool is very slippery. Suggest they kneel rather than stand if unsteady on their feet.
  • Keep an eye on any bees or wasps that might find themselves in the pool. Remove them with a slotted spoon to ensure they don't harm or sting the children.
  • Make sure the children walk and don't run round the pool so they don't trip and accidentally fall in.
  • Remove all toys at the end of the day so no one is tempted to reach in and get something from the pool and accidentally fall in.
  • Keep an eye on the dept.  After rainfall it could be more full than when you last looked.

Enjoy your pool!

Get Your Kit Off!

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Swimming is a great activity for you and your little ones.  But, so many women refuse to shimmy into their bathing costumes because of a low self body image.  Rather than seeing a swim as a healthy and relaxing time with baby, toddler or pre-schooler, so many mums dread that mad dash from the changing rooms into the pool so they simply don't go!  This means that many chidren are growing up not having had much contact with the water - which is not good at all.  Instead, see swimming as a great chance to have a splash around with your little ones; lots of cuddles and bouncing in the water together!  You don't have to go every week, just set a goal perhaps once a month to start with and see how you enjoy it.  Swimming need not be a fearful excercise for anyone!

If you are nervous of revealing your curves, go off peak where there are fewer people in the pool.  And remember, no one sees you once you're under water anyway!  You don't need to be a great swimmer either: have a splash and a fun time in the shallow end of the pool.  If you think you'll get bored, take along some floating toys to play with.  There may even be kiddie lessons at your local pool - so pop along and see what's going on.  Your little will love the water - you may even really enjoy the visit too!

Baby Days

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There are lots of attractions for older children, such as soft play, theme parks and farms, whilst there's seemingly little for babies, but look around and you'll find there are plenty of activities for babies too! Babies will go almost anywhere and do almost anything, they are, after all, largely pram-bound and to them everything is excitingly new. Many activities designed for babies are community or group based, such as meeting with other mum's at toddler groups, attending baby massage groups and baby swimming lessons. If you find there's not a lot going on in your area, why not be a proactive mum and set up your own local baby groups? Even if there seems to be a dearth of baby activities, there's probably no shortage of babies. Make sure that you don't find yourself imprisoned in your own home for the first few months after having a baby, it will really help you to get out and meet and talk with other mums. Your baby will also enjoy the company of other babies, even though they don't interact or play together until they are much older.


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