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WD-40 as a Stain Remover

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You're probably familiar with the iconic branding of WD-40, but did you know that it can help to remove some of the tough stains and marks that the kids leave behind them?!  We've talked about cleaning stains left by the kids before, but today we'd like to bring the many uses of WD-40 to your attention.  Originally formulated to prevent rust, it was created by a determined scientist in California.  'WD' stands for 'water displacement', alluding to its rust prevention properties, and '40'  refers to the 40th formulation in perfecting the product for its intended use!

Here are some of the many useful tasks that WD-40 will take on:-

  • cleaning crayon marks from almost any surface
  • removing sticky tack, plasticine or gum from carpets
  • removing marks left by stickers
  • cleaning grime that has built up on toys
  • removing ink stains from clothing, curtains and furniture
  • removing glue stains from surfaces, including furniture and fabric
  • removing sweets trodden into carpets

Of course, WD-40 has all sorts of other uses besides cleaning.  Here are some more tips that might be useful for parents:-

  • lubricating moving parts on mechanical toys such as wind-up, friction and remote controlled toys
  • lubricating stiff parts such as dolls arms and legs, wendy house doors and other moving parts
  • lubricating furniture, such as draws and cupboard doors
  • shining sea shells and stones to be used for craft
  • lubricating craft punches
  • preventing bicycles and outdoor toys from rusting
  • preventing battery connections from oxidising

WD-40's website has a list of over 2,000 uses for their miracle product!  No, we're not being sponsored by them, we just feel that some of these tips might save you a lot of anguish sometime in the not so distant future!

Cleaning Stains Left by the Kids on Carpets and Clothes

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Every so often you'll go into your front room and find a terrible new stain left by your kids - here are a few tips on how to clean the mess!  We can't guarantee the results, or take responsibility if you ruin your carpet, please test any treatment on an inconspicuous part of the carpet first!

Wax crayon can make a dreadful mess if trodden into the carpet, or worse, if it melts in the sun onto the carpet.  Our advice here is to remove as much excess crayon as possible using a spoon or regular eating knife, and then spray a little WD40 onto the patch,let it soak in and then work it round gently with a cloth.  Keep applying WD40 and rubbing until the crayon has gone then use a damp cloth to remove the WD40.

Given the lack of colourings in jars of baby food, it's surprising that it can leave the most incredible stains!  To remove food stains from the carpet or your baby's bibs and other clothing, wash thoroughly with water then use a household stain remover such as Shout to remove the stain.  A solution of hydrogen peroxide (available from your pharmacist) will clear up most really tough stains.

For stains left on carpet or clothes by baby oils and other oil based creams, spread talcum powder over the stain and leave overnight.  The following day vaccuum the powder from the floor, or brush off from clothes, and with luck the stain will have vanished.  If the oil has lifted up to the surface but remains, apply talcum powder for a second treatment and leave for the following day.  Make sure that you tackle stains on garments before they go in the wash!

Last but not least, every mum's nightmare is finding their delightful baby has leaked their diaper and left poo stains on the carpet.  Remove any excess with a damp cloth and then use a solution of hydrogen peroxide on the remaining stain.  Work it into the stain and it should soon lift.  Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to remove blood stains from upholstery or clothing.


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