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Let's Go Driving!

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An interesting study was carried out by the makers of "Rory The Racing Car" children's programme to find out whether girls or boys are naturally the better drivers.  Over 70 children from local nurseries traveled to Brands Hatch to take the the wheel and have a drive round in a fleet of toddler's electric cars.

Marks our of ten were awarded for:

  • spatial awareness
  • concentration
  • dexterity
  • control
  • speed

The children had to drive in a straight line, reverse and manoeuvre obstacles.

The results showed that 34% of boys were better at concentration and spatial awareness.  But, when it came to dexterity and listening to instructions it was the girls who did better!  In a straight line, 20% of boys did better than their fellow girls.

Who knows if boys or girls are more tailored to driving... it depends on who you ask!

Crossing the Road

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Road safety is one of the most important topics that we can train our children on - cars and roads are so dangerouss for young children, but teaching them from an early age will help them to treat the highway code with respect.  Here are some stark facts about road safety:

  • 161 children died on the road in 2006
  • 26,000,000 cars are on our roads

Car speed:

  • If a child is hit by a car driving at 40 mph most die.
  • If a child is hit by a car driving at 30 mph half die.
  • If a child is hit by a car driving at 20 mph one child in 20 will die.

Teach children early how to cross the road in six steps:

  1. Think - look for a subway or crossing first.  Don't cross on a bend.
  2. Stop - choose a good place to cross, stand on the kerb, away from parked cars and other obstructions
  3. Look And Listen - look in all directions and listen carefully
  4. Wait - until its safe to cross
  5. Cross carefully - looking and listening as you go
  6. Arrive safely

Make sure you show them while you tell them and also ensure you follow these rules yourself when crossing.

Teach your child some other points:

  • Walk - don't run and stick to pavements when you can.  If there is no pavement, walk on the right side of the road so you see the approaching traffic.  Walk  in single file
  • Parked Cars - don't cross between parked cars.  It makes your view of the road less clear
  • Balls - don't run into the road to chase a lost ball, or indeed any other toy or object
  • Gates - keep garden gates shut in case the children are running and run out unexpectedly
  • Catch-up - never run into the road or along the pavement to catch up a friend who is in front of you


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