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Make for Happy Memories

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Think back to your childhood and remember how life was when you were growing up at home with your parents - whether your childhood was a happy one or not, casting your mind back will bring a floods of memories.  Remember that every day you spend with your children, every outing you go on, every incident that takes place, all helps to shape the memories that they will reflect on in the future! Think about this for a moment and try to keep this thought in mind.

You are in an amazing position to shape the lives of your children; you should aim to be a positive role model and always strive to ensure their experiences and therefore memories are happy ones.  There's no accounting for what incidents your children will remember in the years to come.

Think back to your earliest childhood memories and no doubt you can remember some very unremarkable incidents that bore little importance at the time.  Your children, similarly, will be affected by some of the more mundane incidents in their lives that turn them into events that just recur in their minds, on occasions, throughout their lives.  Each day, reflect on the fact that whatever happens today, your children might harbour the memory forever, so try to make each day exciting - do fun things, make things, go places.  You needn't lavish money on your children, just a walk in a new park or making some craft might give your children a thought that they can hang on to!

No More Mince Pies for you Santa!

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Santa should swap his mince pies and glass of brandy (or rum or wine) for a couple of Rudolf's carrots say public health experts at the British Medical Journal.  He should opt for a bike or even walk and get rid of the sleigh and reindeer!  We are told that the current image of Santa promotes laziness, drink-driving and speeding!

Dr Nathan Grills from Australia, claims that Santa offers a poor role model and should instead be promoting healthy living!  His studies reveal that the persona of Santa is very influential and the most recognisable character in childhood.  Because we suggest he drinks alcoholic beverages, this implies he is a drink driver and that clearly sets a bad example!  Similarly the mince pies are a high fat, high sugar cake product - countries where Santa is popular are also the countries where childhood obesity is greatest.  He adds that there's no seat belt on the sleigh and that Santa promotes fast driving!

Grills dressed-up as Santa to meet some children (lucky kids!) who offered hugs and kisses - even though some had runny noses, coughs and sneezes!  Yes, you've guessed it, he claimed Santa was a source of spreading infection too!

So, what do you make of that?!  I wonder if we should cancel Christmas all together because obviously the spread of germs, childhood obesity and drink-driving is all because of Santa!

Or perhaps we should look at the positive aspects, such as his spirit of geneorosity and impressive work ethhic, and teach our children what to eat, how to behave and a bit about road safely!  We wish Santa, and the festive and cheery Mr Grills from Australia, a MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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