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Musical Instruments

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All children love making a noise so why not encourage them to make their own instruments made from things at home. Here are some ideas:

Yogurt Pot shakers: take used yogurt pots and fill with lentils.  Cover with paper and then tape down to secure.  Decorate with stickers or pictures taped round the pot.

Crisps tube long shaker: put a handful or large pasta shapes into the tube and pop on the lid.  Tape down to secure.

Ice cream tub drum: put some dried bean or peas into a used ice cream tub and bang to hear them shake around inside.

Tubey shake: Take along wrapping paper tube and pop in a round ball or bell. Turn upside down to hear it roll down.

Trumpet: take a kitchen roll tube and decorate.  Add some tassels on the end and ribbons to make it look great  Simply toot down the tube!

Tin drum: take a biscuit tin and add some metal bottle tops or little metal spoons.  Shake for a or bang for a metal sound.

Marble rolling: pop some marbles in a small metal tin swirl them to make a metal rolling sound.

Plate tambourine: Use a paper plate and punch hole round the outside.  Take some nuts and bolts and metal items and tie them round with string or wool.  Shake to hear them clang together.

Now, just put on some music and have a jamming session!

Fashion Show!

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They love dressing up, they love being creative, they love doing things themselves, they love performing and they love recycling. If this describes your children, then why not mix up all these great elements and do a newspaper fashion show with them to get them creating, making and using their imagination.

There are all sorts of items that the children can wear made from newspaper.  Simply tape the pages of a newspaper together, cut out arm or head holes and away you go!  Here are a few ideas.

  1. Top - tape together 2 pages end to end.  Cut a head hole.  Tape under the arms  and its a top!  Add some tassley sleeves (snip pieces of paper and stick on).
  2. Skirt - tape a few sheets together and wrap around the children's waist.  Tape to existing clothing or tuck in.  Snip out some square or triangle shapes along the bottom to make it look unusual.
  3. Hair bow - take a small strip of paper. Pinch together in the middle and pop under a clip or hair tie.
  4. Bow tie - pinch a strip of paper together and tape to a narrow strip that goes round the neck.  Secure with tape and stick on the bow at the front!
  5. Walking stick - roll up a few sheets and secure to make a pretend walking stick.
  6. Princess hat - wrap a sheet round your hand to make a pointy hat.  Tear some long strips of paper to make a flowing ribbons and stick to the top of the hat.  Secure with tape.

Great fun!

Wasting water

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Lucky for us, when we want water, we simply turn on the tap and with a gurgle and a whoosh out shoots fresh, clean drinking water.  It's simple, its easy and it's free flowing.  However, that doesn't mean we should waste water and its the same for our children.  Their instinct is to turn the tap on, and leave it running throughout the duration of washing teeth.  But, we should guide them while they are young to respect this valuable commodity.

Bathroom: Turn off the tap when washing teeth!  Have a shower instead of a full bath!  Don't flush the toilet more than you have to - put paper tissues, cotton buds and cotton wool in the bin!

Kitchen: Don't run the dishwasher or washing machine unless its full. Don't rinse fruit and vegetables in running water, use a bowl.  Don't wash dishes under running water, use a bowl.  Keep a jug (or reuse a bottle!) of cold water in the fridge instead of running the water until it gets cold each time you want a drink.

Garden: Get a water butt for watering flowers in the garden rather than using a hose.

It can be easy and fun to save water if you do it together!  And, did you know:

  • only 2.5% of the world's water is freshwater: all the rest is salt water
  • only 8% of the world's water is for domestic use: 70% is for agricultural use
  • in the developing world, water-borne disease is responsible for 80% of illnesses and death
  • we can go without food for about a month, but you won't survive longer than 7 days without water




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