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Make your own Wooden Toys!

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Wooden toys are all the rage again as fast growing oriental woods are rapidly replacing increasingly expensive, oil derived plastics, but they come at a premium, so why not look to make your own woooden toys?  Small wooden toys have become inexpensive over the last few years, but large dolls houses, hobby horses, rocking horses and wendy houses understandably demand a high premium.  Surprisingly, if you are at all into DIY, these need not be difficult to build yourself.  Your local hardware store, or out of town hardware depot, will have all the materials you need.

You don't need to learn how to cut old fashioned dovetail joints, how to whittle fancy posts, or how to fashion intricate parts.  Modern materials and design give you lots of fixings, premoulded parts and off the shelf pieces that make large woodworking projects much more manageable than they would have been 20 years ago!  Adhesives and paints have also come on a long way to give you non-toxic and weatherproof finishes.

Soft furnishings, fabrics and the like remain expensive, but as the cost of clothes has tumbled in recent years, it's not completely silly to look at buying new garments to turn into soft furnishings for your constructions or just for the teddy bears!

If you don't fancy designing your project yourself, there are plenty of books that will give you plans and instructions for projects for children's toys, soft furninshings and large constructions.  In a world where we look to buy everything and have it delivered to our door, it's easy to overlook just how much fun can be had in creating your own work, and how rewarding too!


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