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Ice Cream Fun!

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An ice cream cone full of lovely swirly ice cream can be an expensive treat for little ones when you are out, so why not save the money, invest in some treats and serve unique ice creams at home instead!

Get some ice cream cones and simple vanilla ice cream.  Invite the children to use a spoon to ease out some ice cream and mash it down into the cone.

Put a selection of the following in some little dishes and let the children create!

  • Coloured or chocolate sprinkles
  • Chocolate buttons
  • Fruit drops
  • Blueberries or raspberries or strawberries
  • Fruity sauce

Invite your little ones to be creative... look into the dishes and describe the shape and colour of what they see.  Pink and yellow strands, brown round buttons etc.  You could let them taste each one too and ask what it tastes like?  Then, let them loose to decorate their ice creams

This activity is learning new words (as well as enjoying a tasty treat!) so for each bowl use and encourage words to describe what you are doing.  "Sprinkle" the coloured sprinkles; "pop in" the chocolate buttons; "dip" in the fruit drops; "place" the berries; "dollop" the sauce etc.

Talk about the texture of the ice cream and the taste of the toppings.  Use lovely descriptive words that describe the what your doing in a new and fun way.

Breast Milk Ice Cream!

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A London ice cream parlour in Covent Garden is selling breast milk ice cream to customers willing to pay £14 a scoop.

The ice cream is served in a tall cocktail glass with a rusk at the side, and dry ice (Liquid nitrogen) bellowing out of the top. The dish has been named Baby Gaga and is served by an outlandish, costumed waitress.

Women willing to donate their breast milk to the shop have been found and are paid £15 for every 10 ounces they hand over to the chefs.  The chefs then blend vanilla and lemon and churn the milk into ice cream.  Apparently, the women are screened for health problems and have a blood test similar to that given to blood donors.

The ice cream can be served with whisky or a cocktail of your choice. Some are saying it's a good way to get people to realise how tasty and nutritional breast milk is and it will encourage mothers to feed their babies.  Others are condemning the ice cream as a bad thing.

Westminster Council seized samples of the ice cream for checks to be carried out but the owners are convinced it is safe and healthy.  It sold out within hours of going on sale. Lady GaGa has also threatened legal action over the name of the dessert, claiming that they are preying on her name and image.

How to Make Ice Lollies

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On a hot day, the children will enjoy nothing more than a lovely refreshing ice lolly but rather than spending a fortune on shop bought ones throughout the summer, why not make your own at home?  At least you know what's gone into them and can make sure that they are healthy!  Start by buying some lolly sticks and moulds from a supermarket or other store.  Here are some recipe ideas:-

  • Fruit juice lollies: for the most simple lollies, just pour fruit juice into the mould and insert a stick. Beware that pineapple juice doesn't freeze on its own but you can mix it with other juices. Make multi-coloured lollies by pouring in a little orange juice, let that freeze for a few hours, then add a red juice (blackcurrant, raspberry, cranberry etc).
  • Make traffic light lollies by layering pureed strawberry, pureed peach and pureed kiwi on top of one another, freezing for about 2 hours between each layer.  If you find they need sweetening, add a little honey to each puree.
  • Yoghurts and fromage frais freeze into delicious creamy lollies - pour the contents into your moulds or, for the little fromage frais pots, simply take off the lid, place a lolly stick in and freeze them in their own pots!
  • Fruit smoothies also make for a delicious frozen feast, if you have your own juicer then juice a variety of fruits and banana to create your own fruit smoothie and freeze to make lovely lollies!
  • Make milk lollies by using a milk base and flavouring with fruit puree or even cocoa.  Semi-skimmed milk freezes better than full fat milk, just make up a milk drink and pour into your moulds.
  • Frozen bananas make a novel change from lollies, just peel a bananana, wrap it loosely in foil and place in the freezer.  Either enjoy them as they are or use them as toppings on yoghurt or other puddings - frozen bananas have a lovely creamy texture to them, almost like ice-cream!

Once you're in the habit of making your own lollies, you'll start experimenting by freezing all sorts of drink, fruit and yoghurt combinations!  Be creative and give the children a summer treat!


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