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Flying with Children

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According to a recent study, one in five parents will not fly with their children on holiday purely because it is too stressful. Six out of ten said their children could not sit still for more than 30 minutes on a plane and nearly half are worried that their child might suffer from air-sickness.  Showing a concern for other travellers 46% feared their little ones would upset other passengers and 34% were worried that their babies would cry.

  • Comforters: pack them in your hand luggage and bring them out if you need to; favourite toys or story books, a bottle or drink may also help.
  • Don’t mislead children: tell them the truth about how ling the flight is so they are prepared for a long one if it is going to be a long one.
  • Try not to get stressed in front of them - even if you are delayed or there are problems.  They will pick up on it.
  • Tell them in advance what it might be like: ie. no walking around or jumping on the seats!
  • Stagger your entertainment: don't bring all the treats, toys, ideas for games out at once!  Stagger them if you can.
  • Snacks: bring lots of nice food (for you and the little ones!) to keep everyone happy, especially if the children might not like the look of the food available on the plane.
  • Timing: allow lots more time for things as it will take more time with little ones in tow.

Happy Mother's Day!

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Today is Mother's Day in the UK and Ireland and although Mother's Day is celebrated in most countries around the world, different countries celebrate it on different days of the year.  Indeed a Mother's Day falls in some country during nearly every month of the year.  One universal feature is that the celebration is Mother's Day rather than Mothers' Day - the distinction being that we are celebrating the achievements of our own individual mother, rather than of all mothers collectively.

The ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated festivals to Mother's and such a celebration features in most religions too.  In the UK and Ireland, Mother's Day falls on the Fourth Sunday in Lent, suggesting that its origins lie with the Catholic Church celebrations of the Virgin Mary.

In the USA, Anna Jarvis began a campaign to establish Mother's Day which was eventually recognised as a national holiday in 1914, falling on the second Sunday in May.  However the holiday was quickly commercialised and Jarvis quickly came to regret what had become of it, spending the rest of her life campaigning against the commercialisation of the festival.  Today Mother's Day is worth over $4bn to the US economy!

Whatever your feelings on whether it's an important celebration or all commercial hype, no one can deny that Mothers deserve to have their achievements celebrated, so take some time to reflect on your own mother, and let's be grateful for all they have done for us!


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