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Are Our Children Growing Up Too Quickly?

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According to research published by the Department of Education, nine out of ten parents think their children are being forced to grow up too quickly! The researchers asked 1,000 parents various questions and found that over half thought the programmes and tv adverts shown before 9pm were unacceptable.

They also found that 60% of parents thought that some products advertised to children were inappropriate for their age.  Many parents felt they had to buy certain items for their children so to avoid them being "left out" but these products were not considered essential or appropriate, so peer pressure was an issue.

Areas of concern include:

  • Clothes to be age appropriate and not small versions of adult fashion
  • Sexualised content in music videos and early evening TV
  • Pressure to buy non-essential items for their children so they don’t feel left out.

Findings from the survey show that:

  • 40% of parents said they had seen things in public places (shop windows, advertising) that they felt were inappropriate for children because of sexual content
  • 41 % said they had seen programmes or adverts on TV before 9pm that they felt were unsuitable or inappropriate for children due to their sexual content.
  • Of those parents who had felt the need to complain about these issues but hadn’t, over 60% said that they had not done so either because they didn’t think anything would be done or they didn’t know who to complain to.
  • Around half of parents felt that celebrity culture, adult style clothes and music videos are encouraging children to act older than they are.

The Surprising thing about Children...

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Children are a source of wonder - they constantly surprise!  Your first child amazes you at every turn, you don't know what to expect, but suddenly you have this bundle that's doing the most amazing things!  You never cease to be astounded at the achievements that you're baby manages, the things he or she does, and the things they do and later say!

Just when you think you have seen it all, your second child arrives.  Well, you know now, you've been a parent for a bit and you know what to expect.  ...but that's the weird thing!  Baby number 2 doesn't do things in exactly the same way as their older sibling!  That's odd - it's almost as if your second baby has a mind of their own!  Well, you know what?!  They do!  You might expect your second child to behave identically to how your first did, but you're in for a surprise...a whole lot of surprises!  You'll constantly be amazed at how this one grows up differently, unique in their own way!

Well, your third and subsequent children can't surprise you any more!  You're wise now, you know they're going to be different, and you know they'll surprise and amaze you in a whole lot of new ways that you weren't expecting!

This is just the first of many wonders of having a family!  There's so much more that you'll experience along the way...


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