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Be Alarmed!

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Having children at home should make you think more carefully about the safety of your home, and if you haven't previously had smoke detectors fitted, then now really is the time to do so.  Smoke detectors now cost almost nothing and could so easily save your life, and your little ones, should they be triggered in the event of a fire.

They can be a pain, going off when you burn the sausages, but don't leave them in a hazardous state with the battery hanging out after a false alarm. If you do have to disable it because it goes off when you burn your cooking, clear the air and plug it straight in again.

Check smoke detectors on a regular basis.  Manufacturers suggest checking monthly, but if they are in an accessible place, you can test them more frequently as you pass by.

A more deadly killer than smoke is carbon monoxide.  This gas is emitted by gas appliances if they do not burn their fuel properly.  Carbon monoxide is a silent and deadly killer.  Carbon monoxide replaces the oxygen in air and when it fills our lungs, we cannot extract the oxygen required to breath and this will kill you.  Faulty gas appliances are generally faulty over time and there is a chance that you could be poisoned by it over a long period.  Classic symptoms are feelings of nausea and lethargy, and vomitting and feinting for no obvious reason.  All of this can be avoided by fitting a carbon monoxide alarm - they cost a little more than smoke detectors, but what price can you put on saving a life?

The Silent Killer

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Can the figures really be true that nearly 600 people have died over the last fifteen years due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning? It is crazy that something so easily traceable nowadays can be so dreadfully harmful. Furthermore, these figures only represent the deaths - thousands of people lie unconscious or have a close call according recent figures.

As your family grows, we become more aware of risks in the home and in faily life and look to do more to prevent accidents from happening, yet the dangers of Carbon Monoxide in the home are often overlooked because of the invisible nature of the threat.  Carbon Monoxide has no smell and cannot be seen.  In the home, Carbon Monoxide is usually a byproduct of boilers not burning their gas fuel fully, but it can be produced by the partial combustion of any carbon based fuel including wood, petrol and oil.

If Carbon Monoxide is inhaled, it replaces vital oxygen in our blood and our body cannot function properly.

Central heating systems, gas hobs and ovens, and gas fires are the most frequent appliances to leak carbon monoxide.  Car exhausts are also a source.

If you are suffering, you may feel like you have flu: dizzy spells, headache, feeling sick.  However, you will not suffer from a high temperature which is the major difference.  If the poisoning is more progressed, it can result in feeling confused, lead to hyper-ventilation and make you feel drowsy and sleepy.

How to avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning:

  • Check gas and oil fired appliances regularly, have them serviced professionally
  • Fit carbon monoxide alarms or sensors
  • Ventilate cars or petrol lawn mowers - don't use in closed spaces

If in any doubt, have your appliances checked by a professional.


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