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Autumnal Days Out

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With summer seeming almost a distant memory, it's easy to feel that there's nothing to do at weekends but to cuddle up at home and entertain the children with craft and games.  There are, however, plenty of attractions and days out that remain open throughout the year, and visiting such places on a fine autumn or winter day can be very rewarding.  Tourist numbers are undoubtedly down, so you can gain a richer experience visiting attractions that remain open.  Smaller crowds also mean it's less frantic with your baby and young children.  If you don't have children of a school age, then you'll find that the weekends outside of school holidays and half terms are quietest of all.

Attractions with animals invariably remain open all year round because even though the crowds may be small, the animals require just as much as care and attention as they do on a busy summer day!  Animal attractions include zoos and farms, also animal sanctuaries and wildlife parks.

Whilst the majority of National Trust and English Heritage properties close over the winter months, many privately owned country houses, stately homes and castles remain open.  These can offer a wonderful place just to 'get away' and enjoy lovely outdoor walks.  Many such properties offer garden and grounds only tickets which often suit younger children who may not endure a traipse around a stuffy home!

Lots of towns and cities have local museums that also remain open throughout the year.  If you are looking for something different to do in your area, try to discover a new museum that you perhaps didn't know existed before!  Use the internet to search for attractions new to you nearby.

Wherever you live, you're never far away from some 'great outdoors', perhaps a National Park, a country estate, a local park, the coast, a wildlife sanctuary, reservoir or industrial space such as docks.  All of these can make for a fun place to walk and explore no matter how young your children.

Exposing your children to interesting places from an early age will impart a curiosity for interesting places and learning in later life.  Just because the traditional tourist season is over, don't write off the idea of great days out in the autumn and winter!

Pick Your Own Fruit and Veg

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'Pick your own' fruit and vegetable farms make for a wonderful day out, and it's only as expensive as your appetite is big!  This time of year is perfect for taking the children along to a farm and sharing with them the delight of picking and digging their own crops.  If you don't know of any PYO farms near you, then use Google to try and find one.

Crops on offer will vary from farm to farm, but typically you'll find:-

  • Berries which might include raspberries, strawberries, redcurrants, blackcurrents, blackberries etc.
  • Other fruits such as apples, pears and plums
  • Vegetables like carrots, cabbages, cauliflowers, spinach, sweetcorn, potatoes and onions
  • Various beans: peas, broad beans, dwarf beans, runner beans, french beans, mange tout and sugar snap peas
  • Squashes such as butternut squash, courgettes, marrows and pumpkins

The crops on offer will vary throughout the season which will run from around May to October time.

Children will delight in the fun of a day out at a fruit and vegetable farm, and the experience of choosing and picking their own produce helps them to learn about the food cycle.  When you're out in the fields at a farm, you can undertake other activities too to extend your trip.

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