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Follow the Leader!

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When it comes to big changes in your child's early years, you should follow your child's lead rather than relying solely on the development books and bragging friends and family!  If you think he is ready to sleep in a grown-up bed, then you make that change. If you think she needs a little longer with the stabilizers on her bike, then leave them on!

No one knows your child like you do so don't worry if it seems other children are zooming ahead.  Children that speak late can become opera singers, children that still need a sleep nappy at night will be dry one day and if your little one feels safe and comfortable in his high chair, don't evict him too soon!

There are some important guidelines that do require attention for developmental reasons. You'll be invited to health checks and if there's anything worrying you about your child's development then simply contact your doctor or Health Visitor. And, there are legal requirements for your little one's safety that must be adhered to: weight and height restrictions in car seats for example. However, when it comes to keeping up with others... ignore the bragging and boasting of others and cherish your little one for yourself!

Growing Up in a World of Technology

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The world that our babies are growing up in is very different from the one that we experienced - computers, mobile phones and digital media are the norm.  Governments around the world place a strong emphasis on young children learning about this world under the umbrella term ICT - Information Communication Technology.  The term ICT covers not just computers, but all forms of technology and media, including television and the various forms of digital music.

Many parents are reluctant to let their babies near computers - partly because they are not childproof, but also because of the fear that they will turn into zombies in no time at all!  ICT however has become an important part of early years education and your children will be introduced to computers and technology at nurseries, preschool and school anywhere from the age of 18 months and upwards.

Early on they may be exposed to computer 'whiteboards' where they can draw interactively onto a screen projection, or they may be encouraged to put a CD into a music player and find the right track.  They might play with cassette recorders to record themselves singing, and of course they will be snapped on digital cameras for record logs of their progress. Technology is all around us these days, and gadgets will only become more widespread throughout the lives of our babies.

Baby Development: the Art of a Science

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Watching your baby develop is one of the real privileges of being a parent.  When your baby is born, he or she seems to be a small, defenseless creature that needs constant care and attention.  Yet in no time, your baby has grown strong enough to start crawling, then walking, and begins to utter sounds that quickly evolve into speech.  In just a few years, you have a child that is capable and learning constantly, and amazing you with their knowledge every day.  The science of baby and child development has been with us for a long time but is still advancing as we discover new things by piecing together observations.  Although babies and children develop at different rates, the pattern is very similar across everyone, and the variation in time is surprisingly little!  Although you may marvel that some of your friends' babies may seem ahead of your own, if you look objectively you'll notice that your child can do other things that those babies can't yet.  Remember that all the activities in ToucanLearn are presented at the point at which your baby should be able to undertake them, and that they are designed to push the capabilities of your baby in a methodical way.  Give your child a head start in life by signing up for our learning program today!


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