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Differences and Identifying Objects

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Part of beginning to learn about maths and numbers is learning about things that are different and things that are the same.  Try these activities to show your child all about things that are different and the same, and things that are of different sizes.

Odd One Out

In each case, ask which is different?  See if they can identify the item and if they struggle talk them through it.   Here are some easy suggestions:

  • Lay out 4 spoons and a fork.
  • Put down 4 teaspoons and one dessert spoon.
  • Line up 4 red crayons and one blue.
  • Place down 4 pencils and one ruler.

Size difference

With the next set of items, choose a set all the same size plus one that is smaller.  In each case ask which is the smallest?  In each case, prepare in advance and then lay the things on the table or if you can walk around the house and spot things as you go.

You could use things like:

  • plates
  • socks
  • coloured blocks
  • teddies
  • shoes
  • oranges
  • pieces of paper

Try the same activity trying to identify the biggest thing, something of a different colour or shape.


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