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Number Games

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Exposing chiuldren to numbers early through counting and number games males them familiar with numbers from a young age.  Numbers are very important to a child's education and so many children 'struggle', but it needn't be like this.  Numbers are all around us and simply becoming familiar with numbers when they are little, is the best way to get a head start and give your children confidence for later life.  Most importantly, you don't need to be a maths genius yourself!  If you make it fun, they won't even know they are learning.

Here are a few number and counting games to introduce numbers in your everyday life:

Count things: How many pototoes on to a plate?  How many stairs as you walk up, grapes as you eat them?

Spot numbers: When you are out, look at door numbers, telephone numbers, car number plates, prices in shops and other numbers that can be observed all around.

Number games: Count the flowers in the garden, throw socks into a basket and count as you go, count how long it takes to run from one end of the garden to the other.

Number songs: Sing number songs like Once I Caught A Fish Alive, Five Fat Sausages and Ten Green Bottles.

Count your shopping:  How many pieces of fruit in the basket?  How many boxes in the trolley? Play shops at home too and count, make price tags and add up the food  you buy together.

Get cooking: Measure and weigh the ingredients, count the paper cake cases, time the cooking, give 20 stirs with a wooden spoon.

Measure things: How tall is the chair?  How tall is you child, or a teddy or the book shelf?

Get cleaning: Get your children to wipe the tables 20 times, dust the book shelf 15 times, splash the outside chairs with bubbly water 10 times.

Washing up: Count and clean the plastic cups and plates and do the washing up at the same time.  How many are in the bowl, how many are drying, how many are clean?

Have fun!

Chores for Toddlers

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Toddlers enjoy being helpful and you should nurture their enthusiasm, even if you don't honestly welcome their help!  Getting young toddlers helping out with chores will give them a great sense of satisfaction, even if the quality of their work may not quite be up to scratch.  Having them help out around the house will grow self-esteem and a sense of responsibility.

Don't worry if they don't complete tasks to the standard, or even in the manner, that you hope for and expect, it's simply good that they are doing what they can.  They will also need reminding to do their chores, but after a while they will fall into a routine.  Heap on the praise as they complete their tasks.

Here are ten ideas for chores that you can have toddlers do for you:-

  1. Dusting around the house with a duster, feather duster or even an old sock on their hand
  2. Picking up their toys and tidying their bedroom
  3. Helping to clear up fallen leaves in the garden
  4. Putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  5. Sorting light and dark clothes before they are washed
  6. Pairing up cleaned socks
  7. Putting shoes away neatly
  8. Setting the table
  9. Feeding your pets
  10. Putting away clean cutlery from the dishwasher

Why don't you create a sticker chart at ToucanLearn and reward with a sticker every time your little one helps out around the home?

WD-40 as a Stain Remover

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You're probably familiar with the iconic branding of WD-40, but did you know that it can help to remove some of the tough stains and marks that the kids leave behind them?!  We've talked about cleaning stains left by the kids before, but today we'd like to bring the many uses of WD-40 to your attention.  Originally formulated to prevent rust, it was created by a determined scientist in California.  'WD' stands for 'water displacement', alluding to its rust prevention properties, and '40'  refers to the 40th formulation in perfecting the product for its intended use!

Here are some of the many useful tasks that WD-40 will take on:-

  • cleaning crayon marks from almost any surface
  • removing sticky tack, plasticine or gum from carpets
  • removing marks left by stickers
  • cleaning grime that has built up on toys
  • removing ink stains from clothing, curtains and furniture
  • removing glue stains from surfaces, including furniture and fabric
  • removing sweets trodden into carpets

Of course, WD-40 has all sorts of other uses besides cleaning.  Here are some more tips that might be useful for parents:-

  • lubricating moving parts on mechanical toys such as wind-up, friction and remote controlled toys
  • lubricating stiff parts such as dolls arms and legs, wendy house doors and other moving parts
  • lubricating furniture, such as draws and cupboard doors
  • shining sea shells and stones to be used for craft
  • lubricating craft punches
  • preventing bicycles and outdoor toys from rusting
  • preventing battery connections from oxidising

WD-40's website has a list of over 2,000 uses for their miracle product!  No, we're not being sponsored by them, we just feel that some of these tips might save you a lot of anguish sometime in the not so distant future!


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