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Children's Parties Don't Need to Break the Bank!

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As your little one approaches their special day of the year, it is very easy to get carried away by throwing extravagant parties at play barns or hiring lavish halls.  Then comes helium play balloons, piles of food, prizes, party bags, decorations and all the other bits and pieces that go with it.  However, you can still have a great party without it costing a fortune and with a bit of thinking, the kids will still have a fabulous time!  Here are a few party themes to get you in the party mood.

  • Fairy Party - feature flowers, fairy wings, fluffy clouds, sunshine
  • Pirate Party - feature pirates, treasure, ships, islands
  • Under the Sea Party - features fish, mermaids, sharks, dolphins
  • Circus Party - tight rope walking, clowns, juggling
  • Dance Party - make up a dance and teach it to the children
  • Princess Party - features princes and princesses, crowns, jewels, thrones
  • Superheros - Star Wars, Spiderman, High School Musical and any superheros
  • Traditional fancy dress party - with musical statues, musical bumps, Oranges And Lemons, Duck, Duck, Goose, and lots of fancy dress

Ideas you can adapt to make the party really unique!

  • Invites: Try and theme your invite to match your party.  Make fairy party invites into the shape of flowers, or pirate party in the shape of a ship.
  • Decorate: the simplest shapes like stars or flowers or car shapes in bright paper and stuck to a dull church hall wall can really bring the room alive.  Try making bunting or hanging glittery curtains to make it feel special.  Try hanging cut out shapes or pictures from the ceiling or by the window so they blow in the wind.
  • Have a colouring session as the children arrive.  Prepare colouring pictures and lots of crayons on a big table and invite the children to colour a picture while you wait for everyone to arrive.
  • Balloons are great to play with and look fun hung about the place.  Tie one balloon to each end of some ribbon or wool and hang over any pictures on the wall.  Give each child one to take home.  You could also place a piece of jewelery or sweets inside each balloon so there is a treat inside when the children get home!
  • Make something like an edible necklace out of cheerios or popcorn and thread with string or wool.
  • Throw a tiny bit of glitter over each child as they arrive: magic dust to make them have a great time!


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