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Breast-Fed Babies Get Fewer Infections!

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There is always so much research and comment on the benefits of breast feeding: should it be one month, should it be a year, should it be more or less?  The latest research published this week suggests that those babies who are fed exclusively on breast milk for the first six months of their life are less likely to have infections.  It has been said that the number of infections the baby suffers and indeed the severity of those infections will be less.

How did researchers come to this conclusion?

1,000 babies were tested.  Of those babies, those fed on breast milk only for the first six months had significantly less common infections than the other babies.  The other babies were either fed only on formula or were fed on a mix of both formula and breast milk.

The breast fed babies had fewer instances of respiratory infection, ear infections and thrush.  Other factors which could influence the infection rates were taken into account.  However, there are a few flaws in the findings.

  1. Mothers had to recall illnesses rather than consult actual medical records so they may have made errors.
  2. Less than 100 of the babies were exclusively breast fed which is a small sample.
  3. Different mothers may consider the severity of any illness differently which may distort findings.  What one mother said is severe, another may consider is only slight.

The research was carried out by the University of Crete and published in the Archives of Deseases in Childhood. The Government recommends new babies are breastfed for the first six months.

Going Nuts!

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Should you eat nuts during pregnancy?  Recent advice has changed again and now the answer is yes, you can!

Until recently pregnany and breast-feeding women were advised to avoid peanuts in order to reduce the risk of their child developing a penut allergy.   However, in August 2009 the British Government revised their advice and now states that there is no clear link between eating peanuts and childhood peanut allergies.  This refers only to peanuts – also known as monkey nuts and ground nuts – and does not affect other foods which may trigger allergic reactions such as wheat, dairy products or other varieties of nut.

Further research has been commissioned to improve how and under what conditions the allergies develop. We wait to hear the results of the latest tests, but in the meantime, it seems advice says you can choose to do so, as long as its part of a healthy, balanced diet and you're not allergic to peanuts yourself!

In America peanuts are not deterred during pregnancy, instead they are encouraged as a good source of protein. And in Australia the Department of Health says there's no evidence of your baby developing a peanut allergy if you eat peanuts when pregnant or breast feeding.

So, if you fancy some peanut butter or want to nibble a few nuts at a party then governments, all over the world, say you can!

Swine Flu and Breast Feeding

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The threat of a resurgence in swine flu (caused by the H1N1 virus) adds another compelling reason to support breast feeding in babies over formula milk. It is widely accepted that babies who are breastfed suffer illness less badly than babies who are not, and fall ill less often too. Breast milk passes antibodies on to your baby which gives them a natural immune boost over formula fed babies, and swine flu is no different from any other viral illness in this respect. If you fall ill with swine flu then you should take precautions to try to prevent passing it on to your baby; your doctor may even recommend that you wear a face mask during feeding which is obviously disheartening but will only be for a limited time. However, you should continue to feed your baby breast milk as best as possible, express milk if it makes it easier.


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