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Best Baby Shower Ideas

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If you are having a baby or have a friend who is expecting, why not get together and have a baby shower? It's a great chance to have a friendly afternoon and have some fun too! Here are some baby shower ideas.

  • Guess the tummy size... you'll be amazed at how wrong you will all be! Get some string or wool and ask everyone to cut where they think the wool should be cut in order for it to fit round the tummy of the mum to be. See who is the nearest and they're the winner.
  • Baby's stuff... Give everyone an A4 page and get all those present to write down everything they can think of that babies need: from bottles and cots, to ear wax remover and Calpol! At the end of five minutes, the person with the most things on their list wins.
  • Guess How Many... place a load of tiny baby items in a couple of jars and get everyone to guess how many are in the jar. Try using cotton buds, safety pins or cotton balls. The nearest guess is the winner.
  • Steady hands... drop a pile of cotton buds or feeding spoon in the middle of the room and each person has to try to remove one at a time, without the others moving (like the game of sticks). The prize goes to the person who removes most.
  • Pin the baby on the mummy... cut out some pictures of babies and attach tape to the back. Choose one person and blindfold them, see if they can stick the baby onto the Mum in the right place! The one who gets nearest to the pregnant tummy wins.
  • Guess the item... place an oddly shaped baby item in a box and see if everyone can guess what it is without looking and just by feeling it.
  • Baby pictures... get all the guests to bring a baby picture with them and get everyone else to match the baby to the lady!
  • Food tasting... get some jars of baby food and get everyone to taste them and try to guess what the menu food is supposed to be!

Baby Shower Games and Ideas

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Baby showers, long popular in the USA, are becoming increasingly common in the UK and other European countries - for those new to this tradition, we offer some fun ideas for games and activities.  Before that, a word on protocol!

What is a baby shower?!  Contrary to common belief, a baby shower does not take its name from showering the expectant mother with gifts.  The name arises from Franz Schauer, a German immigrant and silversmith in New York who encouraged gift-giving amongst mothers-to-be.  You should bring a gift along for the lucky expecting mother, but much of the rest of the evening harks back to 'hen night', with frivolous games and much fun!  You may also be lucky enough to leave with a bag of 'favours', a goody bag to remind you of the event.

Here are some fun ideas for games that you could play at the next baby shower you're invited to:-

  • Blind Tasting: Guests are blindfolded and made to sample a teaspoon of various baby foods - can they guess the flavours?
  • Whos Who? Invite guests to bring along a photo of themselves as a baby - everyone must then work out who is who in the pictures.
  • Dirty Nappies: Smear smelly sauces and foods into different nappies.  You could put one 'smell' in each, or mix three different ones for a greater challenge!  Blindfold the guests and have them guess the flavours.  Try ketchup, HP sauce, coffee, peanut butter, mashed banana, mint sauce, chocolate sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and anything else that comes to hand!  Catch out the mum to be with some really nasty odours - stilton cheese, garlic, chillies, tuna, Marmite and anything festering in your cupboards!
  • Mummy Tummy: Pass a toilet roll around the guests, each one tears off a length as to how wide the expectant mother's girth is.  The winner is the one tearing off the best fit!
  • Nappy Brain: Bring out a tray of up to 20 items relating to babies (dummy, nappy, cream, socks, toy, rattle, bottle and so on).  Everyone looks at the tray for one minute, then it's taken away, three items removed, and the guests must say what items have gone.
  • Cotton Balls: Get two mixing bowls, a wooden spoon, cotton wool balls and a blindfold. Blindfolded guests have one minute to transfer the cotton wool balls from one bowl to the other with the wooden spoon.  Sounds easy?  Go try it out!
  • Pillow Talk: As the mother-to-be opens gifts, one of the guests must secretly note down all the remarks made as she opens each gift.  At the end, the observer reads out the list of remarks, telling all the other guests that these notes were made from outside the expectant mother's bedroom on the night the baby was conceived!
  • Famous Babes: Prepare two sets of cards, one with celebrity's names and the other with the names of their babies.  Guests have to match the celebrity with their baby!
  • Down in One: Well, down in lots is more likely!  Fill a series of baby bottles with equal quantities of drink - milk or water for purists and expecting mum, wine or beer for the more adventurous!  Have guests quaff the drink as quickly as they can...leaving the teats intact!

Have fun, this could be the last fun evening the expectant mother has for a while!


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