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Allergies - What Should We Look Out For?

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So many people seem to have allergies, but what should the untrained person look out for, especially those caring for other people's children?  If you suspect that a child in your care is suffering an allergic reaction, then it is imperative to seek medical advice urgently.

Allergic reactions might be brought on by pollen, dust, pets or in reaction to many other things.  Some foods are well known to being more prone to triggering allergic reactions than others, but almost any food could trigger a reaction.  Here are some of the more common foods that trigger allergies:-

Milk and dairy derivatives - take care with all food containing milk including cream, yogurt, cheese, butter, milk desserts

Nuts - even though many allergies refer to one type of nut, avoid all nuts including all nut products such as marzipan and check all food because they may contain nuts.  Cakes, biscuits, bread, ice-cream can all have nuts in them.

Peanuts - not technically nuts but legumes, these are found in so many products - rigorous checking must take place before eating if you are awatr of peanut allergies, nearly all processed foods warn that they may contain nuts.

Lupin seeds - can cause an allergic reaction and they can be found in bread, pies, pastries, cakes and batter.

Fish - fish cakes, fish pate, fish sauces all have fish in them, plus many dressings and pizzas.

Shellfish - avoid all types of shellfish and fish pies that might contain shell fish in them.

Mustard - this can cause an allergic reaction.  Mustard powder, seeds, oil should not be eaten by sufferers - anything from a mustard plant.

Eggs - being allergic to eggs means no cakes, sauces, pasta, quiches and some meaty products such as burgers.  Also, many pies and desserts can be brushed with eggs or contain egg.

Gluten - wheat, rye, barley and all cereals should be avoided.  Food made from these products such as pasta, cakes and many sausages and burgers should also be omitted from the diet.  Sauces and soups that have been thickened with flour products can not be eaten either.

Soya - tofu, soya flour and soya protein must be avoided.  It can be found in desserts, pastries and many processed vegetarian foods.

Sesame seeds - all sesame seed oil and the seeds themselves should be avoided.  The seeds are often found in bread, sauces, biscuits, dressings, houmous.

Celery - all parts of the plant should be avoided and can be found in soups, stews and salads.


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