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Let's Get Physical!

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In this cold weather it's understandable that parents don't want to ge too far from the warmth and comfort of home, but don't think this means you have to stay inactive.  It is important that little ones do keep active because its only when they use their bodies to the limit that they begin to understand what they can do by themselves and how to mange their own bodies.  The more practice they get the better they will be, not to mention safer when they are playing and better co-ordinated in general.

There are lots of physical activities you can do at home as long as you clear a bit of space.  Here are a few ideas - but do supervise as some of the activites are a bit adventurous!!

  1. Let's Go To Bed. Clear a double bed of its covers, and have a bit of fun bouncing and rolling around on it.  Try head-over-heels in the middle of the bed.  Get your little one to stand with wide open legs and see if they can look through the middle, going upside down!  Try moving round the bed by bouncing on their bottom; or just try walking without falling over!  Make sure you explain that this is a special treat and shouldn't be done when you're not around... but have some fun!
  2. Lets Go For A walk. Go for a walk around the house and follow any lines you have on your carpet.  Or throw a skipping rope or some string on the floor and try to tight-rope walk around the place for a while.  Try following the rope while crawling or being an animal!
  3. Ball games. Try rolling a blown up beach ball to each other, or kicking it back and forth.  Try using your head too!  The beach ball is lovely and soft and light, so its a good one for indoor use.  Just make sure all valuables are hidden away!
  4. Fetch. Throw a little toy into the room and run to get it.  Try it as a race!  Try the game on stairs if you have some.  Throw the small toy up the stairs and you both try and climb to that step to retrive the toy.  Make sure with very little ones you remember to teach them to trun round on the stairs safely and come down carefully.
  5. Jumping Jacks. Try doing some different jumps together.  Jump over cushions or toys.  Jump in time with music or while singing nursery rhymes.

Have a safe, fun time!

Not Just an Activity Site

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You might think that ToucanLearn is just another activity site, but what we offer is a unique learning program for preschool children.  The program is made up from activities, games and crafts, but each activity is categorised for a very specific moment in the development of your babies and toddlers.  As soon as you have registered your children's name and date of birth, you can get access to loads of activities that challenge their capabilities.  Each activity is focused on one of four key skills in making, moving, learning and speaking which correspond to fine and gross motor skills, thinking and language development.  As your child grows older, so the selection of activities changes so that you will only ever see activities appropriate to the capabilities of each child.  The best thing is that you can use all of this for free - if you pay premium membership then you receive even more activities, and some other benefits, but if those don't appeal, you are welcome to use ToucanLearn without paying at all!

Traditional Games and Craft

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In a world full of electronic toys, gadgets and goods, it's easy to give the children something with buttons on that will keep them occupied for hours. There's certainly a place for these in a world of diverse experiences, but at ToucanLearn we offer more traditional activities and pursuits to fill your time. We give you a range of fun games and activities to do with your babies and toddlers that will help them explore and learn about the world, and give you the opportunity to develop with them.

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