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Walking To School Week

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This week, all over the country, children and parents are choosing to walk to nursery, pre-school and school rather than drive.  In an effort to encourage children to be active, and reduce the use of cars at peak hours, Walk To School Week has been hailed another resounding success with thousands of children using their feet rather than a vehicle to get to school.

The campaign is arranged by the charity Living Streets with funding from the Department of Transport.  It asks  parents, teachers and everyone travelling to and from school  not to use their car for this one week.   It is reported that 50% of children who wouldn't normally walk to school, have walked this week.

Walking to school:

  • reduces air pollution
  • reduces traffic
  • improves children's activity levels
  • helps increase fitness
  • is social (you'll spot your friends on the way!)
  • good fun!

WOW is the scheme that encourages children to Walk Once a Week.  If they do so, they get a little metal badge designed by children in the national badge competition.

The Walk To School campaign history:-

  • 1995: Five primary schools in Hertfordshire participated
  • 1996: The campaign went national and was included in Child Safety Week
  • 2000: The first ever International Walk To School Week was launched
  • 2003: Walk To School Week is supported by over 33 countries
  • 2005: The focus was on health
  • 2006: The focus was on independence of children
  • 2007: The focus was on the environment
  • 2010: 2 million children have taken part!

The next event is the Walk To School October!

Get More Active - Some Ideas to Make it Easy

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Getting active with the children is not always as easy as it sounds: how can you fit any more activity time in an already busy day? Here are some simple ways to increase the activity levels in your family. Remember, every little bit counts, so keep a note of all these activities and work out your daily total of minutes spent being active.

  • Music Time - turn on some groovy music and have a good old dance together!
  • Encourage your toddler to walk up the stairs or to the car rather than being carried.  For older children, encourage them to tidy up after themselves or put away toys or washing at the end of the day.
  • Walk to the shops and post box rather than take the car.
  • Get the little ones involved with household chores: digging in the garden, sweeping the floor, washing down the garden shed.
  • Go for a walk as a family - find somewhere with woods and climb up the trees or balance along fallen tree trunks.
  • Have a time limit on TV watching.
  • Think about some old fashioned games that are fun to play outside: hop skotch, skipping, chase, hide and seek, hoolahoop, flying a kite.

Children should do about an hour of physical activity each day.  See how close you are and praise them each time they want to do something physical.  It is so good for them to start out actively as children, because then they are more likely to stay active as they grow older.



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