About Us

Our Aims

ToucanLearn is a aimed at parents, carers and teachers of preschool children, from birth to 5 years. Our aims are to:-

  • Promote Early Years Foundation Stage learning
  • Help carers and parents entertain, educate and inspire children
  • Offer a huge range of age-appropriate games, crafts, ideas and activities
  • Appeal to babies, toddlers and kids from birth through to 5 years
  • Nurture the bond between parents and children
  • Encourage communication between carers, teachers and parents
  • Offer a way to record your children's early days

About The Founders

ToucanLearn has been created by Sarah and Stuart Peters, with more than a little inspiration from Charlotte and Harriet their two daughters who grew up on ToucanLearn but have now outgrown the activities!

Prior to becoming a mother, Sarah worked predominantly in the hospitality industry. Her current day job sees her working as the commercial manager for an industry body that promotes education in the hospitality sector. Sarah is also a journalist having been a long time contributor to many magazines including The Lady, First Steps, Baby London, Baby Surrey, Baby Hampshire, Surrey Life and Kent Life.

Stuart has spent his career developing web and mobile applications and managing technology teams primarily in the media industry. He has created pioneering online asset management systems in the worlds of publishing and television advertising, managed a technology team for a FTSE 100 company and now works for a global media rights holder in the sports industry.

Advertising Opportunities

ToucanLearn has a rapidly growing audience! We use a mix of Google AdSense and direct advertising sales. If you would like to explore advertising directly on ToucanLearn, then please drop us a line!

Franchise Opportunities

Speak with us if you would like to offer a custom version of ToucanLearn for your playgroup, school, Church, business or other organisation. ToucanLearn is designed with adaptation in mind so you can offer the services under a different look, or use the model to offer your own activity programs.

Affiliate Program

ToucanLearn offers incentives for introducing new Members by giving a discount for every successful referral. We also offer broader marketing opportunities that allow you to earn real money by marketing on our behalf. We offer a generous reward program to people introducing new Members either through direct sales or by selling ToucanLearn on your own websites. Contact us for more details, and start earning money in no time at all!

Investment and Sponsorship Opportunities

Please contact us if you would like to invest in, or sponsor, ToucanLearn.