Activity learning program for babies, toddlers and preschoolers
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Welcome to ToucanLearn!

We offer a unique activity based learning Program for preschool children from birth to 5 years.

To enjoy our age-specific activities, please sign up for a FREE account, register your children and start having fun!

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ToucanLearn Website

  • Home: The best starting point to learn more about our unique learning program.
  • Sign Up: Join for FREE, later if you want more you can upgrade to Premium Membership. If free membership gives you as much as you want then there's no obligation to upgrade.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Read a series of questions that help you understand more about ToucanLearn.
  • Merchandise: Buy baby and toddler related books, clothes and items, as well as parenting books.
  • Early Years Learning: Read our section about preschool learning:-
  • Free Samples: Want to view some sample activities before signing up? View some here!
  • Tikal's Blog: Follow the musings of Tikal our Toucan mascot, sharing tips, information and more on all things relating to children and parenting
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  • Contact Us if you require asisstance, want to learn more, want to tell us about your services, or for anything else!

For Members

Once you have created your free account, you have access to our unique learning program. This includes:-

  • Hundreds of activities aimed at the capabilities of your own children
  • A unique diary area for you to record your children's progress, milestone achievements, memorable events etc.
  • An area of generic craft and fun across all ages including:-
    • Craft Essentials: make your own paints and play dough
    • Certificate Generator
    • Pictures to colour
    • Activities to learn colours, letters and numbers
    • Sticker Chart Generator
    • Travel Games

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